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Plastic Surgery

Our goal in plastic surgery is to help you feel better about your appearance through advanced techniques that truly enhance and redefine. Is it real or Ricciardelli?


Cosmetic Treatments

Our team of experts performs leading edge skin rejuvenation procedures and treatments to improve skin uniformity and remove or minimize wrinkles, age spots and skin irregularities.


Fraxel Laser

Our staff performs the latest laser therapies and treatments. The Fraxel laser treats skin aging, age spots, fine lines and wrinkles. It’s amazing. Call for your consultation today!


We offer timely dermatology appointments and treat a variety of general dermatology skin conditions. Call 910-794-5355 now for an appointment.

Summit Plastic Surgery & Dermatology provides the highest quality cosmetic, dermatologic, and reconstructive services in the region.

No other practice in the Coastal Carolina’s offers their patients access to board certified, highly respected plastic, reconstructive, and Mohs surgeons. For over twenty years, our providers have had a proven track record and excellent reputation in the area. Our doctors and staff have led the way in quality and service. From developing the first accredited operating office suite in Wilmington to achieving national recognition, our providers have above all honored the Summit mission: “to provide compassionate and comprehensive care to our patients”.

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