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Breast Augmentation

Plastic Surgery

We offer both aesthetic and reconstructive surgery to help you look your best.



Keep skin healthy. We recommend an annual skin scan to detect melanoma early.

Mini Facelift

Cosmetic Treatments

Improve skin uniformity, remove or minimize wrinkles, age spots and skin irregularities.

Summit Plastic Surgery & Dermatology

Summit Plastic Surgery & Dermatology provides the highest quality cosmetic, dermatological, and reconstructive services in the Carolinas.

Summit Plastic Surgery & Dermatology is the only practice to provide plastic surgery, Mohs skin cancer surgery, and dermatology all in one office to the residents of North and South Carolina. For over twenty years, our providers have had a proven track record and excellent reputation in the area.

We continually seek to raise the bar and honor the Summit mission statement: “to provide top-quality comprehensive and compassionate care to our patients”.

We have three convenient locations in Wilmington, Supply, and now our new office in Hampstead, NC to better serve you!

Real Patients. Real Photos.

Visit our photo gallery of real patients and see examples of all of our procedures.

Meet Dr. Edward Ricciardelli

Dr. Ricciardelli and Dr. Sica are the perfect team, along with the physician assistants, to deliver the very best plastic surgery and dermatology care across two states. Dr. Edward Ricciardelli is one of the most highly trained plastic surgeons in the country and is double boarded in both head, neck, facial surgery, and plastic surgery.  He has been performing plastic surgery for over 29 years and is currently an Assistant Professor at the University of Virginia Department of Plastic Surgery. Read more…


Fly Into Wilmington, NC For Your Procedure

Many of our patients fly in from all over the world for Dr. Ricciardelli’s expertise. Fly-in alone or with loved ones. With our fly-in service, complete arrangements can be made for your stay. We’ll help to ensure that your visit is as pleasant and comfortable as possible. Whether you have a quick turnaround or plan to spend time enjoying all that Wilmington and the surrounding beaches have to offer, our fly-in service will put your mind at ease. Read more…

What Are Hives and Should You Be Concerned?

Hives can be a vexing condition. They can show up in the morning and be gone the same day. Or they can move from one place on your skin to another. What are they and what can be done about it? Hives are red, itchy weals that are elevated from the surrounding skin and...

Know These Key Risk Factors for Skin Cancer

When it comes to skin cancer, the primary risk factor for both melanoma and non-melanoma cancers is exposure to ultraviolet light. This includes both tanning bed and sunlight. The more exposure to UV, the higher the risk of developing skin cancer. Childhood sunburns...

Know These Key Risk Factors for Skin Cancer

Skin cancer diagnoses are more common than you might think. An estimated 4.3 million cases of basal cell carcinoma are diagnosed in the U.S. each year resulting in more than 3,000 deaths. Squamous cell carcinoma is the second most common form of skin cancer with more...

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