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Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

“I am thrilled with the way I look! I wish that I had done it sooner as my body adjusted very well to the change and I definitely feel more confident with my body! Very happy!” – Miranda


Tummy Tuck

“I was recently been married and was so happy to be able to wear the dress that I had always envisioned on my wedding day. Dr. Ricciardelli really did make my dreams come true. Thank you Dr. R!” – Ashley

Mini Facelift

Mini Facelift

“I am ecstatic with the transformation Dr. Ricciardelli performed on my face & neck and so happy to see a younger version of myself in the mirror. No more turkey neck in pictures! I am forever grateful. I look GREAT and feel GREAT!!!” – Martha

Meet Dr. Edward Ricciardelli

Dr. Ricciardelli and Dr. Braza are the perfect team, along with the physician assistants, to deliver the very best plastic surgery and dermatology care across two states. Dr. Edward Ricciardelli is one of the most highly trained plastic surgeons in the country and is double boarded in both head, neck, facial surgery, and plastic surgery.  He has been performing plastic surgery for over 29 years and is currently an Assistant Professor at the University of Virginia Department of Plastic Surgery. Read more…


Summit Plastic Surgery & Dermatology

Summit Plastic Surgery & Dermatology provides the highest quality cosmetic, dermatological, and reconstructive services in the Carolinas.

Summit Plastic Surgery & Dermatology is the only practice to provide plastic surgery, Mohs skin cancer surgery, and dermatology all in one office to the residents of North and South Carolina. For over twenty years, our providers have had a proven track record and excellent reputation in the area.

We continually seek to raise the bar and honor the Summit mission statement: “to provide top-quality comprehensive and compassionate care to our patients”.

We have three convenient locations in Wilmington, Supply, and now our new office in Hampstead, NC to better serve you!

Real Patients. Real Photos.

Visit our photo gallery of real patients and see examples of all of our procedures.

Fly Into Wilmington, NC For Your Procedure

Many of our patients fly in from all over the world for Dr. Ricciardelli’s expertise. Fly-in alone or with loved ones. With our fly-in service, complete arrangements can be made for your stay. We’ll help to ensure that your visit is as pleasant and comfortable as possible. Whether you have a quick turnaround or plan to spend time enjoying all that Wilmington and the surrounding beaches have to offer, our fly-in service will put your mind at ease. Read more…

Retinoids: What Are They and When Should You Use Them?

Retinoids are the gold standard for anti-aging products. You’ve seen them advertised on TV for years. But what exactly are retinoids and when should you use them? Retinoids are derivatives of Vitamin A. They come in both prescription and over-the-counter versions....

What To Do About Your Thinning Hair

At some point, most of us will experience thinning hair. Two-thirds of men will see some thinning or loss of hair by age 35 and 40% of women will have visible thinning or hair loss by age 40. Depression, low self-esteem, altered self-image, and a desire to go out in...

The Easy Skin Cancer Scan You Need to Know

Since starting with Summit Plastic Surgery & Dermatology, Margene Tranter, PA-C has diagnosed on average one melanoma a week. If you are alarmed by this, you should be. The weather is getting warmer and summer fun is not far away! As a Navy spouse for the last 18...

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