Cancellation and No-Show Policy

Applies to all appointments

All provided services at Summit are by appointment only, and we depend on maintaining a full schedule to meet the needs of our patients. Adequate notice is required for cancellation, as gaps in the schedule due to no-shows are a disservice to the patients who could otherwise come in at an earlier date.

To reduce the number of no-show occurrences, we have implemented an Appointment Late Cancellation and No-Show Policy effective December 1, 2018. The policy is outlined as follows:

  1. The office must be notified 24 hours in advance of a re-schedule or cancellation of an appointment. Monday appointments must be cancelled by 3 PM on the Thursday prior to the appointment.
  2. Missing an appointment without contacting the staff of Summit within the parameters of the cancellation policy will be considered a no-show.
  3. Patients who do not make their appointment or do not cancel within the required minimum notice will be assessed with a $50 fee. The fee will be billed directly to the patient, and is not subject to insurance coverage. It is due and payable as a balance to Summit. All such fees must be paid before the next appointment, and delinquent fees may be placed in collections.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation, and thank you for being loyal patients to Summit Plastic Surgery & Dermatology. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the office by phone at (910) 794 5355 or ask the front office.

Meet Dr. Edward Ricciardelli

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