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Permanent Makeup for Your Brows, Eyes, and Lips

Permanent makeup is an easy way to add vibrancy and color balance to your face. It also will save you a lot of time as you wake up with makeup. Our permanent makeup artist has years of experience matching color and shape to give you definition in your brow, eye, and lip area. We recommend that you start with a cosmetic consultation with our permanent makeup artist. She will formulate a plan specifically for your skin type and goals. There is no substitution for experience and options. At the Summit you benefit from having dermatology, plastic surgery, and aesthetic skin care experts at your fingertips.

What are the types of permanent makeup?
  • Eyeliner Uppers/Lowers: Bring your eyes to life with the application of liner. Choose a subtle grey thin line or a dark, bold, thicker line to create drama. No need to struggle anymore with pencils or liquid liner. Enjoy your active lifestyle with makeup that doesn’t smudge or wear off.
  • Eye Brows: This is the icing on the cake that defines and balances the face. Stop wasting time trying to create even brows with the right color. Permanent brow color is the greatest thing since the internet.
  • Lip Color: Everyone looks better with a little color. Redefine shrinking lips, balance uneven lips, and bring color without lipstick.
How does permanent makeup work?
We recommend a consultation with our permanent makeup artist to discuss color, shape, and thickness. It is important that you have a good understanding of the possibilities for change and also to create a plan that matches your expectations. At your consultation, our permanent makeup artist will give you written instructions on what you should do before and after your treatment. The permanent color is applied with a special tool that delivers the color just below the surface of the skin. We have found that this application lasts longer than the Soft Touch approach for permanent makeup application. Most patients find the procedure is quick and easy. Pain is not an issue as a topical anesthetic is applied during the process. Expect to leave with a color that will appear darker and thicker than the end result in 2 weeks.
Is permanent makeup for me?
Permanent makeup is a great way for you to save time applying color to your face. If you have allergies to traditional cosmetics, have dexterity related conditions, or difficulty seeing when applying makeup this may be for you. It also is great for hair loss, aging, and active lifestyles were traditional makeup will wear off.
Why choose Summit Plastic Surgery & Dermatology to have a permanent makeup applied?
It’s about confidence: confidence in your permanent makeup artist, confidence that your wishes and individual concerns will be heard, and confidence you will get the results you want. We have the experience and reputation that ensures you are trusting your face to someone with a known track record and the proper certifications.

Meet Our Staff

Kate Walker

Kate Walker

Permanent Makeup Artist

Look Great With Permanent Makeup

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