Vitalize Skin Peel

Treatment for Facial Rejuvenation, Sun-damaged skin, Acne, Acne Marking

What is A Vitalize Peel?

This is a superficial chemical peel containing a unique blend of peeling agents: alpha-hydroxy acids, beta-hydroxy acids, resorcinol and retinoic acid.  This peel causes chemical exfoliation of the epidermis, the outer layer of the skin.

What is the Vitalize Peel used for?

The Vitalize Peel improves fine lines, restores even skin tone, improves skin texture, tightens pores, improves acne marking and is effective in improving pigment changes in sun-damaged skin.

What will I experience during the peel?

As the peel is applied to the face you will experience a warm, tingling sensation.  The procedure is tolerable and requires no premedication. The procedure takes approximately twenty minutes.

How will I look after the Vitalize Peel?

Most patients develop a moderate amount of redness following the procedure. In addition, a moderate amount of peeling occurs a few days after the peel. The peeling may be concealed with make-up. You may return to normal activities following the peel. Post-peel skin care involves gentle, non-irritating cleansers and moisturizers and strict sun protection (see ‘Skin care after the peel’ at the end of this discussion)

How many Vitalize Peels are required and how frequently are they performed?

The number of treatments depends on the condition it is being used for, but generally patients require three to five peels applied every three to four weeks.

Skin care after the peel:

  • No make-up, skin care products or sun exposure for 3 hours after the peel.
  • No retinoic acid or glycolic acid home products for 3 days after the peel.
  • Suggested mild cleanser and moisturizer – Avene Tolerance Extreme Program,
  • Skin Medica aftercare environmental protection cream SPF 30.