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Facial Reconstruction for Skin Cancer and Mohs

While Mohs surgery helps to limit the amount of tissue removed and preserve surrounding area, there is most often a resulting hole where the cancer has been removed. This deficit can be so small that it is left to heal on its own or it may large enough to require a flap of skin taken from a donor site. Every cancer is different and proper reconstruction requires expertise, experience, and good judgment. At the Summit, patients are fortunate to have the expertise of two experience physicians, Dr. Sica and Dr. Ricciardelli to reconstruct Mohs and skin cancer surgery defects.

Dr. Sica does most of the reconstructions that can be done under local anesthesia directly after the skin cancer is removed. Dr. Ricciardelli is most often treating larger reconstructions that might require general anesthesia or reconstruction in a hospital setting. Each offers a variety of techniques that produce outstanding and natural-looking results. There is no substitution for experience and understanding when you are considering reconstruction. No two reconstructions are exactly alike and Dr. Ricciardelli’s and Dr. Sica’s approach to your surgery will depend on your needs, goals and expectations.

Am I a good candidate for Mohs or skin cancer surgery reconstruction?
If you have had Mohs surgery on the face, neck or other areas where the smallest scar possible is important, then you are a good candidate for reconstruction. Your options for reconstruction will be thoroughly examined and discussed at your follow up appointment after your diagnosis of skin cancer.
What can I expect before and after reconstruction surgery?

So many specialized reconstructive techniques using sophisticated skin flaps and grafting are used during reconstruction making this a very difficult question. Every patient and cancer defect is different. In most cases, your reconstruction will be done in the office under local anesthesia. You will most likely go home the same day. In some cases, larger reconstructions are done in a hospital setting but generally do not require an overnight stay. Dr. Ricciardelli and Dr. Sica will discuss your goals and expectations, as well as the best ways to minimize scarring. They may also recommend that you consult with our skin care provider about your options for improving the remaining scars during your recovery. After surgery, you will be given detailed instruction for your specific needs and surgery. Remember our staff is always available for your questions and concerns.

Why choose Summit Plastic Surgery and Dermatology?
It’s about confidence: confidence in your surgeon, confidence that your wishes and individual concerns will be heard, and confidence you will get the results you want. Our physicians have the experience and reputation that ensures you are trusting surgeons with a known track record in the area and the qualifications and certifications that recognize them on a regional and national level.

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Dr. Roger Sica

Meet Dr. Roger Sica

Dr. Sica is known for his compassionate and caring nature. “Every patient deserves an attentive physician that hears their concerns and one who is able to discuss in laymen’s terms, options for treatment. It’s important that my patients understand how Mohs works to give them the highest cure rate and best cosmetic result.” states Dr. Sica.

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