Please Follow Our Patient Guidelines Below


Last Updated: Monday, November 2, 2020

  • If you have had contact with someone diagnosed with Covid-19 or have a fever, cough, shortness or breath or felt ill in the past 2 weeks do not come to the office.
  • Please do not enter our clinic if you have a cough. Call or text 794.5355 for further instructions.
  • In order to protect you and the health of of our staff and patients we are asking for a negative Covid-19 test for all nursing home/assisted living patients, taken within 72 hours of your visit.  The patient representative will be asked to present the negative test result to check in PRIOR to bringing in the patient. The patient representative and patient will then be screened and have their temperatures taken as per our normal Covid-19 procedure and protocol.
  • We ask that all patients come into the clinic with a mask on to protect our patients that might be at risk. It’s the neighborly thing to do. At this time, we ask that you bring your own mask.
  • Our waiting rooms have been updated to accommodate for social distancing.
  • Upon entering our clinic prior to your appointment, please use hand sanitizer or wash your hands with soap and water. We also have hand sanitizer available at our check-in desks and soap and water in the bathrooms.
  • Accompanying family/friends/drivers are asked to wait in the car.
  • You will be screened by our staff upon entering. We will take your temperature with an infrared laser forehead thermometer.
  • We have implemented a kiosk (iPad) check in over paper forms. Its safer than paper.
  • We are offering telehealth visits to all patients with existing appointments and new patients. Call or text 910.7945355 for your telehealth appointment. Click here for instructions on how to enable your telehealth visit


  • Please use your portal to reach your provider or call/text the office at (910) 794-5355.
  • All patients and staff are asked to wear a mask.
  • We have excellent facility cleaning protocols in place including full time day staff and an evening crew assuring that our clinic and operating facility is at the highest cleanliness standards. Our staff will be wiping down the front door handles and bathrooms several times and day.
  • All our employees are being screened before entering the clinic area.


Please Reach Out to Us if You Have Any Questions or Concerns

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out. We are here for you! You can call or text us at (910) 794-5355. Please remember that if we have not received a text from you prior, you will be asked to type “consent” before we can text you back. Our community has a history of coming together during trying times like this and we don’t expect this to be any different.