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Breast Asymmetry and Contour

Everyone has some degree of asymmetry or difference in the way the breast looks on each side. Depending on your special situation, Dr. Ricciardelli may choose to use different sizes of implants or inflate them differently. Each choice allows for achieving balance and symmetry. Re-contouring the breast is also possible with different shaped implants. Dr. Ricciardelli has decades of experience correcting breast asymmetry, contouring problems, large areolas, off centered nipples and tight constricted breasts. This is all discussed in depth during your consultation.

What can I expect?

We offer the latest in gel, saline, and contoured implant technology. Both types provide excellent, long-lasting results with superb safety profiles. Dr. Ricciardelli will discuss with you the best implant type to meet your goals. There are many different shapes and sizes that you will have the opportunity to feel and examine when you meet our augmentation coordinator. Feel free to bring a bra or bathing suit top to try on with an implant. During your visit, Dr. Ricciardelli will also talk about the best incision placement, whether the implant will go above or below the muscle, and of course the whole surgical experience.

Can I combine breast surgery with another procedure?

Absolutely. Breast surgery is often combined with liposuction, eye surgery and other surgeries. Ask Dr. Ricciardelli about the other procedures you might be interested in scheduling. It’s a great way to save money and you can recover all at the same time.

What do I need to do before surgery?

Most likely you will need a current mammogram (within one year) to serve as a baseline comparison picture of your breast. Come to your consultation with information on your medical history such as pregnancy, weight fluctuations and any medications that you are taking. Dr. Ricciardelli will thoroughly discuss your goals, expectations, risks and you will be given written information on your surgery. We love an informed patient. So write down your questions and bring a list as a reminder. Dr. Ricciardelli will answer all your questions.

What can I expect during and after surgery?

Your privacy and safety are very important to us. On the day of your surgery you will park in a designated, convenient space in back of the Summit building close to the private back door entrance of our office. Your surgery will most likely take one and a half to two hours in our AAAASF (Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities) certified operating suite. After the procedure, you will wake up in our warm and caring recovery suite. Our certified recovery nurse will coordinate your care with your designated driver when you are ready to return home that day. You will be given detailed instructions for your specific needs. Expect to have possible bruising, swelling and tenderness of the breasts after surgery. Dr. Ricciardelli will call you in the evening to check-in on your progress as well as see you back in the office for your post-operative visits. Our door is always open for any questions you or your caretaker have about your procedure.

Your Choice to have surgery at Summit

It’s about confidence: confidence in your surgeon, confidence that your wishes and individual concerns will be heard and held in strict confidence, and confidence you will get the results you want. We know that you have a choice to make on where you will go for surgery. It is important to us that you get the results that you want. We like to see happy patients. It’s about that feeling you get when you look in the mirror. Our patients are delighted with their results and the way they feel.

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Meet Dr. Edward Ricciardelli

Dr. Edward Ricciardelli is one of the most highly trained plastic surgeons in the country. He is the only plastic surgeon in the area who is board certified in both head, neck, and facial surgery and plastic surgery.  He has been performing facial surgery for over 29 years.  During that time he has taught and trained other plastic and facial surgeons, lectured around the country, given courses on facial surgery, and cared for thousands of surgical patients. Read more…