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Miranda’s Breast Augmentation Story

When I first considered getting a breast augmentation in Wilmington, I admit, I was really nervous about having surgery! However, I really wanted to look better in a bathing suit/clothing and feel like my body was more proportional. I’ve worked out my whole life to look nice and stay in shape, but no matter how great I looked from working out, I was always disappointed with the size of my breasts. Breast augmentation is something I’ve always wanted to do!

My Consultation

I decided this was something I wanted to seriously consider so I scheduled a consultation with Dr. Ricciardelli. I was nervous about the exam as I didn’t know how I’d feel about showing my breasts. But I knew I was in good hands as soon as Dr. Ricciardelli and Toni walked into the room. I anticipated it to be somewhat of an embarrassing experience but they immediately put me at ease as they were very professional. I told Dr. Ricciardelli my desired cup size and he agreed that it was a good choice. He explained the different profile and implant options and which ones best fit my body frame, etc.I have a mild chest condition called pectus excavatum and Dr. Ricciardelli noticed it right way. I wasn’t even aware I had this condition. He very carefully explained all my options.

After the exam, I met with the cosmetic coordinator, Rhonda. She showed me the 2 different implant options, prices, and before and after pictures. I actually got to see and touch implant samples! Rhonda was helpful and answered all my questions from how much the surgery price would be, payment options, what to expect (pain wise) after surgery, how much time to request off from work, and when I could resume exercising. I found the consult very helpful!

Pre Op

I took some time to think about the surgery and decided I wanted to book it so I called Rhonda about possible surgery dates. We decided on a day that worked best for me, I paid the deposit fee and scheduled my pre-op. The pre-op appointment was a bit longer than the consult as Dr. R took my measurements and discussed the surgery in more detail with me. At that point, I signed the consent forms and received my prescriptions and post op care instructions. At the end of the appointment, photos were taken and I paid for the remainder of the surgery.

Day of Surgery

On the morning of my surgery, I was somewhat nervous as I’d never had surgery before but I entered the back door with a friend and we were greeted by a “smiling” Toni who took me to an exam room and immediately made me feel more relaxed! I changed into a gown and compression socks and my friend was taken to the lobby. At that point, the anesthesiologist came in to explain the anesthesia with me and started an IV. I hate needles but he was amazing! I was cheerfully greeted by Dr. Ricciardelli in the operating room and I started to relax. After surgery, I had the nicest recovery nurse! She was nurturing and explained the post op instructions very well to me, as well as my friend. Everyone was so incredible! After surgery, Dr. Ricciardelli personally called to see how I was doing and asked if I had any questions. To my surprise, the pain was minimal, more of a tight soreness and I was only out of work a few days. Overall, I was very pleased with the surgery and my experience at Summit!

My Results

I am thrilled with the way I look! I wish that I had done it sooner as my body adjusted very well to the change and I definitely feel more confident with my body! Very happy!

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