Patient Stories: Jennifer’s Facelift

At 49 years of age my face and neck no longer matched my body and I kept putting off having facial surgery because I was worried that I would look like I had plastic surgery!   My class reunion was coming up in the summer and I really wanted to look the way I felt.  I had very loose skin under my neck and would always catch myself looking in the mirror and pulling it back with my fingers and wishing for a miracle treatment.   I decided to schedule a consultation with Dr. Ricciardelli because one of my friends had recently had surgery with him and she looked great.

My Consultation

I was very hopeful that I would be able to get by with having a mini lift. I had read about it on the internet and Dr. Ricciardelli explained to me that the mini-lift would not give me the tightness that I needed in my neck. Also he showed me how the cheek area is lifted in a facelift and how that creates volume. I knew that I was not going to do this again so it needed to be right! Rhonda showed me before and after pictures of patients and the results were UNBELIEVABLE!

Day of Surgery

I was really nervous and excited the day of surgery but so happy to be getting it done.   I had never had elective surgery before and everything was exactly the way Toni had described it.  Dr. Ricciardelli and his staff were extremely caring, professional and their aftercare support was EXCEPTIONAL!

My Results

I am ecstatic with the transformation Dr. Ricciardelli performed on my face & neck and so happy to see a younger version of myself in the mirror.  No more turkey neck in pictures and I looked AWESOME at my reunion.  Dr. Ricciardelli made my face & neck fit the rest of my body and I am forever grateful….I look GREAT & feel GREAT!!!

Thank you Dr. Ricciardelli!!!!!