Mini Facelift or Short Incision Facelift (S-Lift)

Dr. Ricciardelli is a specialist in the mini facelift or s-lift. Some of the earliest aging changes will be seen in the mid and lower face, as skin and muscle slowly descend creating an elongation of the face and loose skin around the jawline. The mini facelift addresses the skin laxity of the face with a shorter incision area and less recovery than a tradition facelift. The elongation of the face and flattening of the cheek area can often be corrected with fillers instead of surgery if you are seeing early signs of facial aging.

This surgery, combined with fillers can make a tremendous change and restore a very youthful contour to the jawline and cheek area.

Is a mini facelift or s-lift surgery for me?
If you have lax skin around your jawline (jowling) and a loss of volume in your cheeks then you may be an excellent candidate for a mini facelift. This shorter incision procedure will affect the neck some but does not correct a lot of skin laxity in that area. During your consultation, Dr. Ricciardelli will discuss the changes that you can expect with very popular procedure with less recovery and cost than a traditional facelift.
Can I have another procedure done at the same time?
Yes. This surgery is often combined with a blepharoplasty (eyelid lift), liposuction in the neck, chin augmentation, brow lift and dermal fillers. Take advantage lower pricing and time spent away from work by combining procedures. Ask Dr. Ricciardelli about other procedures during your consultation.
What do I need to do before surgery?

At your consultation, Dr. Ricciardelli will discuss your medical history and examine your face to determine the distribution of excess skin, muscle decent, and volume loss. Dr. Ricciardelli’s experience and training will make a difference in this very important aspect of your surgery. These details are important because you want to look like yourself, simply rejuvenated.  Dr. Ricciardelli makes every effort to make the smallest incision possible while giving you the result you desire. Dr. Ricciardelli will evaluate the degree of loosening skin and fat distribution to determine what procedure will give you the result that you desire.

What can I expect during and after surgery?
Your privacy and safety are very important to us. On the day of your surgery you will park in a designated, convenience space in back of the Summit building close to the private back door entrance of our office. Your surgery will most likely take one hour in our AAAASF (Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities) certified operating suite. After the procedure, you will wake up in our warm and caring recovery suite. Our recovery nurse will make sure that you are comfortable and inform your designated driver when you are ready to return to the comfort of your own home that day.

You will be given detailed instructions for your specific needs.

Most patients do not complain of pain after surgery but a mild discomfort. On average, most patients are able to return to work in 7 days and begin light exercising in 2 weeks. A lot will depend on your level of activity at work. We recommend that you wear a chin strap for 1-2 weeks after your surgery to improve your results. You will be seen back in the office (when?) after surgery. Expect to have possible bruising, swelling and tenderness in the surgical area. Dr. Ricciardelli will call you in the evening to check-in on your progress as well as see you back in the office for your post-operative visits. Our door is always open for any questions.

Why choose Summit Plastic Surgery & Dermatology?
It’s about confidence: confidence in your surgeon, confidence that your wishes and individual concerns will be heard, and confidence you will get the results you want. Dr Ricciardelli has the experience and reputation that ensures you are trusting in a surgeon with a known track record in Wilmington and the qualifications and certifications that recognize him on a regional and national level.

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